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Effective January 1, 2023 we will no longer be accepting large breed or large mix breed dogs. Breeds include but are not limited to:

Old English Sheepdog
Burnese Mountain Dog
Golden Retriever
Great Dane
Large Labradoodles or Golden Doodles
German Shepherd Dog
Labrador Retriever
Great Pyrenees

For our all-inclusive groom, with no add-ons, prices start at $100. Prices may go up based on the breed and coat condition of your pet(s).

Our all-inclusive grooming package includes:
- a warm, fresh soft-water bath with shampoo and conditioner chosen for the specific needs of your pet
- hand blow dry
- hair cut
- nail trim
- ear cleaning
- checking and gently expressing the anal glands if necessary  
- a styling report is given after each appointment to let you know of any concerns
We come to you, which is convenient for you and significantly reduces your dog’s stress. Our highly specialized stylists blow-dry each dog by hand with no cages involved, and we spend one-on-one time with your dog and are able to give each and every one special love and attention.  

Tips are greatly appreciated but never expected. 

All clients are required to be on a regular schedule that is booked out a year in advance. This can range from every 2 weeks to every 8 weeks. You get a regular appointment at the interval of your choice based on your dog's needs, breed, and length of coat.

Your appointment time will depend on your stylist's schedule. We have hours Monday - Friday from 8am to 5pm (hours can be flexible depending on your specific needs).

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