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Cindy Calhoun


Cindy lives by the quote, "Whatever you do, do what you love," and working with dogs is what she loves! She has been working with dogs for many years, and has worked at a no-kill shelter, a pet hotel, a veterinary office and a pet resort. Cindy's Certified Dog Groomer diploma is from the Grooming School of Indiana, and she's completed additional courses in Dog Language, Dog CPR, and has an Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

Cindy loves to treat her clients and their "fur babies" like her second family. She believes in making sure they receive the same love, care and concern for safety that she provides for her family at home. Cindy has always had pets, and growing up her home was never without a cat or dog. She currently has a little Pug named Snafu (aka Little Fat Man), 2 rescue cats named Fatimah & Medina, and a Belgian Draft Horse named Buttered Bread (what girl doesn't like a BIG warm hunk of Buttered Bread?!

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